Alan Low, Chinese actor and voice artist were trained in London, now located in Kuala Lumpur.
As a professional actor and voice artist, have been involved in TV Drama, films and stage performance, also specialise in Cantonese voice over

The Machine

The Machine Movie
“Alan was probably one of the most affable actors on set and it was always intriguing to see him transform into something quite chilling."
Reviewed by CARADOG JAMES Director of 'THE MACHINE'

"A talented, hard-working guy who I'd work

HANDUKEN (Short film)

"Best short short film", London Independent film festival 2014.
Userfarm film festival March 2014 (short film competition)
Action on Film International Film Festival, USA 2013
AOF/WAB Award, Best in Show 2013
The Xristos Award 2013
Shortlisted final 13 of

Wong Wong Bakery

Cantonese VO by Alan Low, WongWong Mooncake
Commercial Voice Over
Wong Wong Bakery are situated in Manchester China Town, Princess Street United Kingdom.
Offer wide selection of freshly baked traditional and contemporary Chinese buns, cakes and pastries.

Type: Bakery Promotion Video
Service: Promotion Video Voice over

JustEat Kidnap

Copyright © 2013, David Yiu, All Rights Reserved
The Kidnap, UK TV Commercial Serials
Online takeaway service JUST EAT is following the launch of its “Don’t Cook, JUST EAT” challenger brand positioning in September 2012 with an on-air and social media event spanning the course of a week.

The Last Samurai in London (Short film)

The Last Samurai in London. alanlow.com
'It was a great pleasure to work with Alan Low on our latest project, The Last Samurai In London. Throughout our shoot, in difficult conditions, Alan maintained a really positive and creative approach and he worked very hard for

Have you seen Frank?

Have you seen Frank? - Alan Low
“HAVE YOU SEEN FRANK?”, Online Commercial 2012
Many years ago he shaped Borland into a dynamic company that took on the biggest software giants.
In a world of bland, expensive software, Frank was the genius programmer behind hugely popular Borland